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SpaceWorx has never seen themselves as ‘only’ an architectural practice. We have completed wide-ranging work from strategic assessments to the very mundane recording of services in old buildings. If it has to do with buildings, their occupants, maintenance and refurbishment, we have done it!


Part of our approach is that not every property problem is a building problem or one that can be solved through architecture. Many problems are organizational or operational and require a different approach or skills – here we talk about ‘facilities planning’ where internal reorganization of a building can resolve many problems through the application of standards and norms. These solutions might have to be draughted, motivated, supported and approved before they can be rolled out.

To support our corporate clients, SpaceWorx has a BBBEE rating of 4.



Our success lies in the strength of our skilled and passionate team who have gained experience in a multitude of architectural disciplines. We are constantly examining ways in which we can improve and develop our services to support clients.

Rudd van Deventer and Jim Baird worked in First National Bank with their large property portfolio that had to be managed, modified, constantly updated and kept in a good state of repair. The end of one project was never the end of work on the building, just simply the end of that phase of involvement.  This ongoing cycle of upgrading and repair meant that building information could never be discarded and also needed to be kept in sync with the building.  Any emergencies required the latest information to be available at a moment’s notice. This experience has informed our viewpoint of SpaceWorx.


Mari Nel has focused on interior architecture, space planning and corporate re-locations for our projects. She has also worked on the ongoing re-planning, fine-tuning and evolution of standards and norms to respond to technological advances and management philosophies with our long term clients.




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