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Facilities Consulting



  • Strategic Facility Planning

  • Building Briefing

  • Full Architectural Services

  • Industrial and Corporate Refurbishments

  • Space Planning Services

  • Facilities Management Support Services

  • Green Building Support



SpaceWorx is a client focused professional practice that supports owner-occupiers to get the most value out of their property investments through portfolio assessment, asset management, workplace innovation, computerized systems and facilities management interventions. SpaceWorx is therefore not just an architectural practice.




SpaceWorx is a passionate architectural firm, specialising in corporate clients' needs for sustainable office use.  Prioritising the unique particulars of each client, we ensure results in workplace excellence through integrating spatial usage, services integration, long term planning and much more.

We build long term relationships with our clients by delivering sustainable spatial solutions and  giving each project, regardless of its size, the same special attention on all levels of project execution.