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Facilities Consulting


  • Digital Asset Information Management

  • Strategic Facility Planning

  • Building Briefing

  • Full Architectural Services

  • Industrial and Corporate Refurbishments

  • Space Planning Services

  • Facilities Management Support Services

  • Green Building Support


Our niche speciality is organising existing building information digitally to be used seamlessly by Building Owners and Facility Managers in their systems.  This is done through:

  • Capturing drawings by scanning for use digitally

  • Catogarise for easy use later within a few clicks

  • 2D CAD development on various layers into a single drawing for all consultant information

  • Pdf usage - make notes, drawing updates & digital prints

  • Storing of property management information to track assets & charge-outs

  • Combining of 2D and 3D information for linear services



SpaceWorx is a client focused professional practice that supports owner-occupiers to get the most value out of their property investments through portfolio assessment, asset management, workplace innovation, computerized systems and facilities management interventions. SpaceWorx is therefore not just an architectural practice.



SpaceWorx is a multifaceted professional practice, who has since inception been involved in supporting corporate clients in making the most of their building portfolio, by focusing on where the cost lies for the business.
SpaceWorx has never seen themselves as ‘only’ an architectural practice. We have completed wide-ranging work from strategic assessments to the very mundane recording of services in old buildings. If it has to do with buildings, their occupants, maintenance and refurbishment, we have done it!
SpaceWorx looks at both the landlord and tenant side to find the most suitable strategy for their clients. This ensures that the context of the expenditure is protected throughout the project whether SpaceWorx is doing an architectural project or a simple re-configuration of the office space.
Part of our approach is that not every property problem is a building problem or one that can be solved through architecture. Many problems are organizational or operational and require a different approach or skills – here we talk about ‘facilities planning’ where internal reorganization of a building can resolve many problems through the application of standards and norms. These solutions might have to be draughted, motivated, supported and approved before they can be rolled out.


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Tel: +27 8610 00713

PO Box 72148,

Parkview. 2122

39 Bath Avenue, 


Johannesburg 2196

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